The Use of South African Flower Essences for Pets

As we become more aware of how our thoughts and feelings affect our physical health, it is only natural that we should extend this understanding to the treatment of our four legged friends. Like us, they manifest imbalances, frustration or negativity in their bodies, when they have no other way of dealing with these.

It makes good sense, then, with a view of the long term health and happiness of our pets, to focus on what is causing the upset in their lives and what they are feeling.

A powerful way to work with shifting these problems is flower essences. In fact, like young children whose intellects do not get in the way, animals respond particularly quickly to all forms of vibrational healing, of which flower essences are one. Flower essences are easily given to pets, a few drops in their drinking water or food everyday does the trick. With cats in particular, if you put a drop on their fur or paws, they will lick it off. You can also put drops into the corner of the mouth with a dropper. Because you are working with energy, the dosage is the same as it is for human beings.

It doesn’t take an animal psychologist to tell you what your pets are feeling. If you stop and focus on them, or perhaps check with kinesiology or a pendulum (if you know how to use these) you’ll be able to get an accurate idea of what is going on. In fact, they are so remarkably like us in their needs that we can learn a good deal about ourselves by paying attention to what makes them tick.

The South African Flower Essences provide in-depth insight into the nature of the psyche. There is a handbook entitled The South African Flower Essences, which tells you how to use them and a section, at the beginning of the book, on how to test which ones are needed. However, for those who want it all simplified, there are now 18 combination essences such as Crisis Remedy, Stress Essence, Harmony Essence and suchlike.

If your pets have to travel, give them Travel Essence for a few days before and for the duration of the journey. If you are leaving them behind, Separation Essence will ease their pining. Animals cooped up in confined spaces, or subjected to artificial noise such as traffic, TV or machinery can become stressed. Use Stress Essence to help them relax. When having babies, you’ll find Birth Essence invaluable to easing the process and Parenting Essence a wonderful aid as they get into the swing of looking after their young. If they are generally out of sorts, give them Balancing Essence. You’ll be surprised at the changes you see.

Generally, continue to use an essence for two weeks, unless it is Crisis Remedy, which can be given as appropriate for shock or fear.

The South African Flower Essences are available in health shops countrywide, as well as in many pharmacies. For your nearest stockist phone 021 794 6762 (international: +27-21-794-6762), fax 021 794 7238 (international +27-21-794-7238), or email.

Our pets often play such an important part in our lives. We love them so much and they deserve the most effective, and least invasive, healing methods we can find. If we can spare them grief and suffering in any way, let’s do it.