African Banana Essence

Masculine energy; yin/yang balance; integration of right and left brain lobe functions; learning difficulties.

Agapanthus Essence

Abundance consciousness; money issues; willingness to receive.

Aloe Essence

Envy; jealousy; greed; competitiveness; lust for power.

Apricot Essence

Self empowerment through acceptance of responsibility; resolution of internal conflicts; ability to move forward; joy in others’ good fortune.

Aristea Essence

Caretaking of the Earth; attunement to nature; dissolution of sense of separation.

Arum Lily Essence

Sense of individuality; personal power; clarity of focus; self motivation.

Australian Tea Tree Essence

Procrastination; inability to finish what one starts; perseverance; strengthening of the will.

Avocado Essence

Breaking with the past and repetitive patterns of behaviour; releasing negativity; enhancement of intuitive and telepathic abilities.

Azalea Essence

Rebelliousness; personal autonomy; fathering; acceptance of responsibility.

Baeometra Essence

Fatigue; depletion; exhaustion; overwhelm; disheartened; convalescence.

Basil Essence

Misuse of sexual energy; redirecting sexual energy as a tool to enlightenment.

Bauhinia Essence

Burying real issues; integration of core or root emotions; emotional authenticity.

Bell Gardenia Essence

Apathy; emotional repression; integration of lessons from the past; activation of life force.

Belladonna Lily Essence

Anger; rage; desire to blame and punish; useful for children.

Bluebell Essence

Auric protection; stress resulting from excessive sensitivity to sensory stimulation; facilitates harmonious use of sound.

Blushing Bride Essence

Strengthens female energy; yin/yang balance; enhances intuition and ability to be intimate.

Borage Essence

Disheartened; overwhelmed by adversity and sorrow; restores courage.

Bottle Brush Essence

Courage to change; transition; breaks negative links withthe past.

Buchu Essence

Over-identification with the emotions others; helps establish emotional boundaries; auric protection.

Calendula Essence

Intellectual arrogance and coldness; promotes mutual understanding; sensitivity and receptivity.

Cancer Bush Essence

Confrontation of the shadow; inner torment; confrontation of dark aspects.

Cape Almond Essence

Insecurity; fear of the unknown; fear of failure; emotional paralysis; personal power.

Cape Honeysuckle Essence

Inflexibility; ruthlessness; arrogance; over-emphasis on work and doing; workaholics.

Cauliflower Essence

Shock sustained during birth process; for pregnancy, birth and rebirthing.

Chestnut Essence

Visualisation; ability to contact spiritual realms;aid to meditation.

Chinkerinchee Essence

Unethical behaviour; impeccability; operating with integrity; adhering to principles.

Christ Thorn Essence

Lack of self-worth; self-neglect; depression; subjugation of the self; honouring of the self.

Clivia Essence

Excessive or obsessive anxiety about the safety or wellbeing of others; uncontrollable thoughts of catastrophe.

Comfrey Essence

Nervous depletion; emotional tension; nail biting; panic attacks.

Coral Tree Essence

Generalised fear; expectation of disaster possibly linked to past life experience; self sabotage.

Corn Essence

Disorientation; lack of personal space; need to conform; linking matter and spirit.

Cosmos Essence

Disorganised thought patterns; inarticulate expression; public speaking; throat chakra; integration of ideas.

Crab Apple Essence

Shame; remorse; self forgiveness; self- acceptance.

Crassula Essence

Excessive use of the will; unthinking devotion to a cause; inability to understand any other point of view; negative ego.

Cucumber Essence

Pessimism; defeatism; alienation; sense of separation.

Daffodil Essence

Self-criticism; self-hatred; frustration; depression.

Dandelion Essence

Stress; tension; striving to be perfect; emotional release.

Disa Essence

Dark night of the Soul; despair; disillusionment; hopelessness.

Dog Rose Essence

Unexpressed grief; inability to express deep emotions; integration and acceptance of pain.

Dune Calendula Essence

Periods of transition and change e.g. divorce, mid-life crisis; separation from Soul and Spirit.

English Hawthorne Essence

Broken-heartedness; intense grief; remorse; transformation through pain.

Evening Primrose Essence

Abandonment; co-dependence; sexual repression; fear of parenthood; fear of commitment.

Felicia Essence

Unhappiness; disconnectedness; feeling of insignificance.

Fig Essence

Archetypal sexual shame and fear; releasing the past; pregnancy.

Flowering Cherry Essence

The Buddha essence; beingness; gentleness; inner peace.

Flowering Gum Essence

Personal authority and autonomy; positive ambition to live according to one’s own values.

Flowering Quince Essence

Despair; hopelessness; depressed anger; confusion; pain

Forget-Me-Not Essence

Memory loss; sense of isolation; heightened spiritual awareness; for nightmares and sleep walking.

Frangipani Essence

Grief and shock of karmic origins; dread; inexplicable fears; positive commitment to the future.

Freesia Essence

Overwhelmed by life itself; apathy; reverence for life; desire to be of service.

Fuchsia Essence

Suppressed anger, pain and shame; expression of deep feelings; integration of past experience.

Fumaria Essence

Transmutation of suffering; shift of focus from self to the transpersonal world; personal responsibility.

Gazania Essence

Subjugation of self to the will of others; breaking down of repressive attitudes; feminine sexuality and creativity.

Geranium Incanum Essence

Vengeful or morbid thoughts; abusive and destructive relationships; integration of the shadow.

Giant Protea Essence

Blocked or crushed creativity; lack of vitality; activation of the will; harnessing the spiritual forces.

Grapevine Essence

Emotional toxicity; out of touch with the physical world; overactive psychic life; integration of ‘out of body’ experiences; access to other dimensions.

Grapefruit Essence

Self-destructive or erratic behaviour patterns; substance abuse; self nurturing; clearing of the aura.

Grassy Bell Essence

Deep hurt; pain and fear relating to betrayal; developing the ability to trust; mutual trust in relationship.

Green Pepper Essence

Over-involvement in detail; inability to delegate or see the overall picture; excellence.

Grevillea Essence

Affected by criticism; incorporation of the shadow; centring in the self.

Hibiscus Essence

Focusing and harnessing creative abilities and energy into potent force.

Holly Essence

Deep pain; the desire to hurt others; sense of deprivation and alienation.

Hyacinth Essence

Inner stillness; access to the sacred space within; spiritual connection; accessing magical power within; beingness.

Hypericum Essence

Integration of incoming spiritual energies; grounding of cosmic energy; psychic protection.

Ixia Essence

Lack of confidence; shyness; timidity; self deprecation; introversion.

Jacaranda Essence

Escapism; indecisiveness; procrastination; perseverance; “follow through” ability.

Keurtjie Essence

Nurturing; parenting; post-natal depression; nurturing of inner child.

Lavender Essence

Panic; hysteria; insomnia; soothing; calming.

Lemon Essence

Disallowed anger in women; sexual imbalance; female power.

Loquat Essence

Apathy; withdrawal from the demands of daily life; martyrdom; resignation; assists in incarnation process.

Lotus Essence

Alignment of chakra energy; contact with Soul and Spirit; ineffable joy; meditation.

Maidenhair Fern Essence

Exponential understanding of life purpose; sensitivity; spiritual attunement.

Mango Essence

Inability to express warmth; personal inadequacy; universal love; compassion; empathy.

Maple Essence

Workaholism; excessive use of the will; balance of physical and personality forces.

Marigold Essence

Scepticism; focused in the logical, rational mind and linear thinking; aggression; argumentativeness.

Mock Orange Essence

Male confidence and autonomy; expansion of masculine energy.

Morning Glory Essence

Imbalance in patterns of waking and sleeping; substanceabuse; meditation.

Mountain Cabbage Tree Essence

Refusal to grow up; rebelliousness; avoidance of responsibility and commitment; parent projection onto partner.

Mountain Dahlia Essence

Insensitivity to others; self-absorbtion; selfishness; negative ego; healing ability; telepathy.

Mountain Rose Essence

Profound or existential pain; suicidal tendencies; loneliness.

Nasturtium Essence

Overemphasis on the intellect; mental strain through study or overwork.

Nicotiana Essence

Feeling of undeservability and separation; numbing of emotions; self-destructive behaviour; abuse of tobacco.

Oak Essence

Stabilisation after divorce, loss of loved one, trauma or shock; surgical procedures; connection to one’s roots.

Orange Essence

Emotional tension; overcharged emotions; hysteria; possession; heals holes in aura.

Orange Pincushion Essence

Archetypal fear; shock; panic; fear of annihilation; dread; terror – grounds and centres.

Orange Watsonia Essence

Cruelty; ruthlessness; self centeredness; unaware of impact on others; ability to inspire and lead.

Oreganum Essence

Grace; ease; ability to be oneself without pretence; gives confidence.

Oxalis Essence

Polarities of inferiority and self-importance; lack of self- worth; arrogance; overbearing behaviour.

Painted Lady Essence

Jealousy; resentment; holding of grudges; suspiciousness; hardening of the heart.

Pansy Essence

Thin-skinned; sensitive to criticism; overly vulnerable; fear of opening up.

Parsley Essence

Perfectionism; self-criticism; self denial; negative ego; self forgiveness.

Peach Essence

Melancholy; effects of past trauma; fear of pain; contraction of aura; clearing of blockages in subtle bodies.

Pelargonium Essence

Loneliness; isolation; alienation; brings sense of oneness.

Periwinkle Essence

“The Sword in the Heart” ; adolescent wounding; shattering of ideals; cynicism; healing of heart chakra.

Petunia Essence

Inspiration; visualisation; creative dreaming abilities; for mapmakers.

Pine Essence

Self-chastisement; self-blame; self-criticism; remorse; guilt.

Pink Bell Heather Essence

Self-deception; insincerity of motive; confused or conflicting motivation; facilitates impeccability.

Pink Watsonia Essence

Feeling dissipated; living one’s life according to the opinions of others; finding one’s centre, clarity and focus; establishing boundaries.

Plum Essence

Feeling of undeservability; unwillingness to receive; clearing of the past; breaking of karmic patterns.

Plumbago Essence

Shame; undeservability; lack of trust in one’s own judgement; subjugation to the will of others.

Pomegranate Essence

Striving to be ‘superwoman’; feminine identity and creativity; yin/yang balance; puberty; pregnancy; menopause.

Pompom Tree Essence

Avoidance and fear of vulnerability; fear of rejection; shame; courage to risk emotional contact.

Red Camellia Essence

Inner child shock and fear; trying to earn love; need to be perfect.

Red Erica Essence

Hypochondria; control and punishment of others; self pity; shame; sense of self-worth.

Red Hot Poker Essence

For treatment of physical, emotional or mental abuse resulting in emotional withdrawal.

Rhododendron Essence

Rigidity; obstinacy; dogmatism; refusal to change; holding onto the past; repetition of patterns.

Roella Essence

Pride; elitism; prejudice; negative ego; integration of shadow; humility.

Rosemary Essence

Forgetfulness; emotional coldness; assists in incarnation process.

Sausage Tree Essence

Core issues relating to masculinity in today’s world; yin/yang balance; integration of polarities.

Scilla Essence

Domination; self-importance; a need to be right; facilitates working together for the common good.

Senecio Essence

Fear of ageing; perpetual pursuit of youth; failure to recognise dignity and grace of mature beauty.

Shasta Daisy Essence

Making the whole holy; integration of matter and spirit; holographic understanding of reality.

Silverleaf Essence

The female warrior; illumination from within; re-emerging Goddess energy.

Snapdragon Essence

Misdirected sexual energy resulting in verbal aggression, cruelty and sarcarsm.

Sonderina Essence

Repetitive thought patterns; insomnia; agitation; worry.

Sour Fig Essence

Self aggrandisement; emotional neediness; attention seeking; domination of others.

Spur Flower Essence

Facilitation of learning and assimilation; integration of knowledge; useful for exams.

Squash Essence

Personal adversity and turmoil; fortitude in confronting fears.

Strelitzia Essence

Indecisiveness; procrastination; “stuckness”; self doubt; lack of personal power; fear of future; strengthens visualisation abilities.

Sugar Bush Protea Essence

Inner child abandonment issues; lack of sweetness; repressed childhood longings.

Sunbonnet Essence

Need for validation; co-dependency; lack of self-worth; personal inadequacy.

Sunflower Essence

Threatened masculine energy; balances inner-male aspect; radiance of male energy.

Suring Essence

Excessive intensity and fervency, over aroused passion and ardour.

Sweetpea Essence

Lack of personal space; sense of not belonging; need for peace and stillness.

Thyme Essence

Facilitates communication with subconscious mind; understanding and remembering dreams; access to other dimensions; “time is an illusion”.

Tiger Lily Essence

Awakening of the “Wise Woman”; awareness of dignity and usefulness of the crone; revelation of inner purpose.

Tomato Essence

Shattering of negative vibrational patterns; establishment of higher and new resonance.

Touch-Me-Not Essence

Inhibition; prohibitions imposed on women by patriarchal or chauvinistic society.

Tulip Magnolia Essence

Vulnerability hidden by defensiveness; dissatisfaction; restlessness; perpetual activity.

Umsipane Essence

Excessive mental energy; perfectionism; cold patronising behaviour; sense of superiority.

Vygie Essence

Manipulation and punishing of others through victimhood, martyrdom and self-pity; power over others through dependence.

Warratah Essence

Despair; shock; intense fear; traumatisation; refusal to accept the inevitable; self destruction.

Water Lily Essence

Numbing of emotions, emotional repression of pain; mask of indifference; sense of connectedness.

Wattle Essence

Negative expectation; pessimism; discouragement.

White Geranium Essence

Lack of focus and unreliability as a result of self pity and suppressed anger; irresponsibility.

Wild Coffee Essence

Caffeine addiction; dulling of the mind; clears blockages in subtle bodies.

Wild Dagga Essence

Lack of willpower; avoidance of pain; addictive behaviour patterns.

Wild Gardenia Essence

Death and dying; terminations; closing of chapters; useful for hospice work.

Wild Garlic Essence

Auric protection against negative thought forms or psychic attack.

Wild Ginger Essence

Abusive or violent behaviour; keeping a grip on oneself; fear of one’s ability to be violent; dogmatic attitudes.

Wild Iris Essence

Frustrated; overwhelmed by demands of daily life; out of touch with creativity; awareness of goodness truth and beauty.

Wild Jasmine Essence

Separation; alienation; self love; self esteem.

Wild Pear Essence

Bitterness; cynicism; holding of grudges; congestion of negative emotions.

Wild Sage Essence

Strengthening the will; clearing of accumulated negativity and psychic contamination in aura; energising the aura.

Wisteria Essence

Lack of equality in relationships; traumatisation due to sexual abuse; imbalance between male and female sexual needs.

Yarrow Essence

Protection against negative thought forms and psychic attack; sealing of the aura.

Yellow Pincushion Essence

Fear of loss of control; fear of deprivation; fear of the unknown; being supported by love.

Yellowwood Essence

Facilitates the emergence of leadership qualities; guards gainst abuse of authority and self-importance

Yucca Essence

Self-pity; resentment; bitterness; transforming victimhood through taking personal responsibility.

Zimbabwe Creeper Essence

Overemphasis on achieving, enduring, striving; inability to accept help; polarisation in masculine energy.

Zinnia Essence

Repressed inner child; excessive seriousness; inability to play; lightening up; cheerfulness; laughter; joy.

Abundance Essence

Do you long for richer relationships, greater happiness or a healthier bank balance? We all have blockages in place on unconscious levels which prevent us from accepting greater abundance into our lives. Life works on the principle of attraction. Your level of resonance dictates the people, wealth, opportunities and situations you attract to you. Change your resonance and you change your life. Abundance Essence is an alchemical combination which lifts your energy to a different level where wonderful changes can happen. It works to shift poverty consciousness and deeply ingrained beliefs of victimhood, bringing a sense of self-worth, deservability and a willingness to receive. It also helps you focus your intent and enhances your creativity and courage. Use it consistently. With its support, allow yourself to make the shifts and see the difference in your life.

Ingredients: Agapanthus, Borage, Giant Protea, Hibiscus, Loquat, Plum, Plumbago

Adolescent Essence

Adolescence is a difficult time. Torn between the push into being grown-up, independent and responsible and the pull to remain little and be nurtured and cared for, it is small wonder that problems arise. To further complicate matters, we all have within us an inner adolescent, (as well as an inner child), a part of us that has crystalised in that phase and which can be most disruptive as he, or she, makes their presence felt in our daily lives. This aspect of ourselves needs to be met loved and accepted. Adolescent Essence supports and harmonises the passage through adolescence and also enables us to nurture the adolescent within us.

Ingredients: Cape Almond, Dune Calendula, Loquat, Maple, Mountain Cabbage Tree, Plumbago, Wild Pear

Auric Protection Essence

At times when we are exposed to negativity, of whatever nature, whether it be to bad vibes at the office, a family upset, or whether we just want to protect ourselves or our offspring at a club or a rave, Auric Protection Essence will be of assistance. It lifts the resonance of the aura and to a level where negativity cannot enter. It can also be useful if we are exposed to radiation of any kind.

Ingredients: Bluebell, Frangipani, Orange, Wild Garlic, Wild Jasmine, Wild Sage, Yarrow

Balancing Essence

To restore you to your natural state of equilibrium amid the conflicting demands of daily life, use this essence. It harmonises the yin/yang energy, grounding and centring you, bringing you into balance with your world. Balancing Essence is very useful for aligning the chakras and stimulating the flow of energy in the meridians. In addition to taking it internally, apply it externally to chakras and acupuncture points. It works very well in combination with Stress Essence and Harmony Essence, allowing you to focus and bring inner peace and tranquillity into your life.

Ingredients: African Banana, Fuchsia, Hyacinth, Oreganum, Rosemary, Strelitzia, Tomato

Birth Essence

This essence works to create harmony and inner peace for both mother and baby as you undertake the major transition of the birth process. It brings a sense of beingness, allaying fears and providing a protective shield at this important time. For the baby, the transition from being cocooned in the womb to facing life as a separate entity is enormous. Similarly, for the recuperating mother, a huge readjustment is required to handle the reponsibility of a helpless infant’s demands. Birth Essence works to ease this passage for all concerned. For best results take it through the last trimester of pregnancy and for 10 -12 weeks after birth. Put one drop, diluted with water, in the baby’s mouth or it can also be applied externally to the soles of the feet or to pulse points. This essence is also applicable for less literal periods of birth, when we are starting afresh or embarking on a new phase of life.

Ingredients: Cauliflower, Coral Tree, Dune Calendula, Flowering Cherry, Orange Pincushion, Oreganum, Yarrow

Creativity Essence

We are all creative even though many of us no longer believe it. With every thought we think, we create – creativity is an inherent part of our birthright as human beings. Creativity Essence enables us to access and express our creativity in every aspect of our lives, from the most mundane to the most spiritual.

Ingredients: Chestnut, Giant Protea, Hibiscus, Lotus, Petunia, Strelitzia, Wild Iris

Crisis Remedy

This essence is an invaluable companion in any crisis situation. Use it in times of shock, panic, anxiety, fear, agitation, illness or dread. Whether for people, animals or plants, the relief is immediate. Remember that if it is difficult to give the essence internally, applying it on wrists, behind the ears or on the soles of the feet can be very effective.

Ingredients: Baeometra, Disa, Felicia, Flowering Quince, Orange Pincushion, Red Camellia, Strelitzia

Harmony Essence

When emotional tension, frustration and the demands of daily life become overwhelming; when tempers flare or we find ourselves in situations of discord, thrown off centre and unable to maintain balance and harmony in our lives, this is the essence to use. Harmony Essence stills the mind, calms, bringing emotional clarity and serenity. It lifts us to a level where we have a different perspective and can become aware of the wonder and beauty of people and of life itself, attuning to nature as a source of peace, inspiration and creativity. In order to live our lives in harmonious balance, we need to cultivate an awareness of who we really are, holding sacred a place of stillness within us on which we can draw for renewal. When we can live in a state of grace, connected to the wholeness of all that is, conscious of our own power to create the life we want, harmony is a natural consequence. Use this essence to help you.

Ingredients: Aristea, Hyacinth, Orange, Oreganum, Petunia, Wild Iris, Zinnia

Inner Child Essence

An important aspect of psychology today is the awareness of the child within each of us. Frozen in time, this inner child we once were is encapsulated in the emotions and experiences of our childhood. The child will often take the centre stage in our adult lives, needing attention and expressing the anger, pain and fear which is the result of lack of love, neglect, shock, betrayal, abuse, demands for perfection or other circumstances to which we were subjected. This essence facilitates access to this child to ease the pain and trauma and to learn to love and accept this aspect of ourselves.

Ingredients: Cape Almond, Fuchsia, Keurtjie, Red Camellia, Sugar Bush Protea, Warratah, Zinnia

Inner Female Essence

The inner female and inner male aspects of ourselves are also well known components of psychology. Symbolised by yin/yang energy, this inner relationship is reflected in our interaction with the men and women in our lives. In order for us to be whole, it is important that these two aspects which exist within all of us, men and women alike, support and harmoniously balance each other. The Inner Female Essence works to strengthen our ability to conceive new ideas and to be, rather than to do, as well as our intuitive, receptive and nurturing qualities. The Inner Male Essence facilitates our ability to create, to concretise things in the outer world, to bring ideas into form, to initiate, act, protect and lead.

Ingredients: Blushing Bride, Gazania, Lavender, Lemon, Plumbago, Pomegranate, Touch-Me-Not

Inner Male Essence

The inner female and inner male aspects of ourselves are also well known components of psychology. Symbolised by yin/yang energy, this inner relationship is reflected in our interaction with the men and women in our lives. In order for us to be whole, it is important that these two aspects which exist within all of us, men and women alike, support and harmoniously balance each other. The Inner Female Essence works to strengthen our ability to conceive new ideas and to be, rather than to do, as well as our intuitive, receptive and nurturing qualities. The Inner Male Essence facilitates our ability to create, to concretise things in the outer world, to bring ideas into form, to initiate, act, protect and lead.

Ingredients: African Banana, Hibiscus, Marigold, Mock Orange, Sausage Tree, Sunflower, Zimbabwe Creeper

Menopause Essence

With the emphasis today on the perpetual pursuit of youth, the value and importance of maturity, experience and the wisdom that is garnered with time, is often overlooked. The belief that age brings redundancy can be changed as we recognise the valuable contribution we can make, as older members of the community. As we battle with physical change, Menopause Essence can play a vital role in strengthening our sense of self esteem and self worth, allowing the passage into this new phase of life to be accomplished with dignity and grace. It enables us to perceive the beauty that accompanies maturity, to move confidently into our full power and to play a part as wise elders in our community.

Ingredients: Blushing Bride, Dune Calendula, Gazania, Pomegranate, Senecio, Silverleaf, Tiger Lily

Parenting Essence

This essence assists us in meeting the challenges that parenting presents. To parent successfully, without demanding that our children live up to our expectations or fulfil our own frustrated desires, requires understanding and a wider perspective. Parenting Essence enables us to bring wisdom to the experience, to honour our offspring for the individuals they are and to support them in their growth, while simultaneously respecting our own needs. It also enables us to parent the inner child within us.

Ingredients: Azalea, Clivia, Evening Primrose, Fig, Keurtjie, Pomegranate, Sunflower

Separation Essence

We live in a world where separation is rife, where families are frequently torn apart and where many children are shuffled between parents. Whenever you, or those you care about, are split from loved ones, whether the separation is short or long term,be it by divorce, death, emigration, break-up or even boarding school, use this essence. It will bring courage and the ability to cope, to deal with the pain or grief, to focus in the present with optimism, to take hold of life and live it fully. We may need to learn to allow others to follow their own path in life, to relinquish control or to become whole within ourselves. Separation Essence will provide vital support.

Ingredients: Borage, Buchu, Dune Calendula, White Geranium, Wisteria, Yellow Pincushion, Yucca

Stress Essence

When the demands of daily life overwhelm us, when stress, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue or overwork deplete us, this essence is of great assistance. Many of us are so frequently in overload – Stress Essence lightens the load, centres and calms us, enabling us to operate from a sense of personal power.

Ingredients: Comfrey, Dandelion, Dune Calendula, Lavender, Pelargonium, Sweetpea, Zimbabwe Creeper

Study Essence

This essence is a must for exam time! Whenever you or your offspring want to focus your minds, whether it be for examinations, tests or simply assimilating knowledge, use Study Essence. It works to harmonise and calm the mind, integrating right and left brain lobe functions and improving your concentration.

Ingredients: African Banana, Dune Calendula, Loquat, Nasturtium, Spur Flower, Wattle, Zimbabwe Creeper

Substance Abuse Essence

This essence works to activate the forces of the will and to break addictive or destructive patterns of behaviour whether they be drug, alcohol or nicotine abuse or an addiction to adrenaline. These are often a response to a sense of emptiness or a desire to escape pressures, pain, fear or anxiety that is too intense to bear. Working vibrationally, Substance Abuse Essence introduces new perspectives which bring about a strengthening of character and self respect. While a flower essence cannot interfere with our free will, from these new perspectives we can make different choices and direct our lives into more positive channels, supported by a new pattern of resonance.

Ingredients: Chinkerinchee, Dune Calendula, Flowering Quince, Morning Glory, Nicotiana, Wild Coffee, Wild Dagga

Travel Essence

Tired of arriving weary and stressed? Travel Essence is an invaluable aid in combating the fatigue and disorientation associated with travel. Today, with the ever increasing tempo of life, we spend more and more time dashing from A to B in fast vehicles or hopping on and off aeroplanes, often with less forethought than our grandparents gave to preparing for a weekend at the seaside! We have all suffered the detrimental effects of overcrowded aircraft and the resultant invasion of our personal space. The exposure to electromagnetic energy generated by sophisticated vehicles, the adaptation to time zone changes and to different polarity fields is also not without its cost. They all take a heavy toll on us physically, emotionally and mentally and can leave us dazed and ungrounded. Travel Essence protects you and your loved ones, allowing your auric field to adjust to the changes. It assists you in resetting your time clock, ensuring that you can undertake what lies ahead, refreshed and centred. For long distance travel, take it for a few days before departure, as well as en route and after arrival. For short journeys, use it three or four times daily. It is a must for every traveller’s pocket!

Ingredients: Hyacinth, Morning Glory, Rhododendron, Sweetpea, Thyme, Warratah, Wild Sage