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For most of us, conditioned to believe that success is a result of doing, achieving and making things happen on our own, receiving is seen as weak or passive. It is our last resort when we have exhausted every other avenue and are at our wits’ end. It is often uncomfortable for us to receive help, love or forgiveness, thus we resist. On a deep inner level, we may feel we are not worthy to receive what we want, or even to ask for it. Receiving is active, it is an art. It requires that we make ourselves available to receive – not necessarily from people but from our unseen friends and Higher Self. It requires that we overcome the resistance and choose to allow ourselves to receive, that we open our hearts and feel grateful and celebrate the success we anticipate. We need to make peace with ourselves, with our inner child and adolescent and allay their fears that receiving will mean that we are indebted; we need to process the blockages and visualise what we want in the expectation of receiving. We can push the boundaries of what we think we can receive – help and bounty that we have not earned, that are beyond logic and reason. Receiving Essence assists us in forgiving and accepting ourselves, in honouring our past, even those parts of it that we regret. All our experiences have been instrumental in making us who we are, in teaching us wisdom, compassion and understanding. This essence introduces a resonance of love and being loved; it assists us in embracing the life we have lived, the successes and the failures; in healing the wounds we still carry and in appreciating ourselves for who we really are. Then we can know that we are worthy and can open to receive the love and abundance that is all around us.

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