Luminous Power

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Luminous power is the ability to act with integrity, dignity, wisdom and innate authority, aligned with the energies of goodness, truth and beauty. It is implementing your principles and ideals with courage and conviction, being willing to be powerful, trusting yourself and taking responsibility for the impact you have. With luminous power you act from an inner strength, in harmony with the flow of Nature and the Divine; you do not need to dominate, intimidate or force others to do your will. You can live in a state of dominion, instead of domination, in a state of grace, where you do not need to be afraid of the world, or of the future, because you know that you can creatively generate the reality you want for yourself and for the world. When you allow yourself to be infused with the light and resonance of your Higher Self, your Soul and Spirit, you can have luminous power and you can bring healing to the world. You can make maps for others to follow and bring optimal futures into manifestation. It is a goal worth pursuing and, as you set out on the journey, this essence will lift your resonance and help you on your way.

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