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The resonance of joy can lift us to a different dimension. Beyond happiness, there is a joy that has no name. When we delve into its mystery, its unrealised power, when we touch it, we are changed by it. We can embrace and be embraced by luminous joy, we can be healed and heal with joy. While we cannot live in a perpetual state of joy, it is possible to live our lives moving between happiness and joy rather than discontent and happiness. However, we need to be willing to give up our attachment to being the victim, to playing martyr, to holding onto fear and guilt. Joy ignites our passion; it is exhilarating, dynamic and stirs us to action. It is the pervading energy of the universe and its resonance attracts to us more about which to be joyful. Yet, for reasons of our own, we choose to keep ourselves outside it – this essence will help you let go and step into the resonance of joy.

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