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Inspiration is that mysterious something that sparks your passion and the exceptional in you, it calls you to be more, to expand yourself, to heal the old wounds and to be willing to let go of the excuses you allow to hold you back. Inspiration also sparks your momentum, motivating you to reassess and restructure your goals, to triumph in the life you have created for yourself, it lifts you beyond fear. It activates the yearning, the unending longing deep within you to contribute, to reach for goodness, truth and beauty, for justice, love, joy and freedom. When you are inspired, you can inspire others, you can become a beacon of light and hope in the darkness, motivating others to triumph in their realities. By your presence, by just being present, your resonance can change realities, lifting others to heal, to be more, to live beyond fear. Use Inspiration Essence to align yourself with your Soul and Higher Self, they wait for you.

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