Harmony Essence

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When emotional tension, frustration and the demands of daily life become overwhelming; when tempers flare or we find ourselves in situations of discord, thrown off centre and unable to maintain balance and harmony in our lives, this is the essence to use.

Harmony Essence stills the mind, calms, bringing emotional clarity and serenity. It lifts us to a level where we have a different perspective and can become aware of the wonder and beauty of people and of life itself; attuning to nature as a source of peace, inspiration and creativity.

In order to live our lives in harmonious balance, we need to cultivate an awareness of who we really are, holding sacred a place of stillness within us on which we can draw for renewal. When we can live in a state of grace, connected to the wholeness of all that is, conscious of our own power to create the life we want, harmony is a natural consequence.

Harmony Essence will support you in achieving this.

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