Conscious Choice

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Making choices is an integral part of life. Our choices have far reaching impact on our lives – how we perceive the world, what we think and feel, what attitudes we hold and what we believe to be true. Conscious choice is made when we focus and align our intention and attention. Intent has resonance and resonance attracts realities to us. Thus choice is one of the keys to manifesting what we want in our lives. By becoming conscious of our choices we are more able to create what we desire. There are different levels to the choices we make. A choice such as choosing to be healthy requires that we back it up by implementing decisions and actions that support it – eating healthily, exercising and getting enough sleep, or else it will not be an effective choice. Beyond this there are also the choices that have profound influence; these are powerful choices that ripple out into our realities. Therefore to make that choice ‘to be healthy’ an effective one, choice at this deeper level is also required. Previous choices made, and held in the subconscious and unconscious minds, can sabotage us. Not all the choices we have made in our lives are wise choices, and often in times of great pain, particularly in our youth, we have made negative but powerful choices that imprison us – choices such as never to be successful or always to be a victim. By becoming conscious of our choices we can forgive ourselves for making negative choices and choose to change. We can move beyond our anxiety and fear to make empowered and conscious choices that support our growth and assist us in becoming more of our truer selves, choosing to heal, to love, to succeed in the ways we desire. The energy of this essence assists us in making these choices to fundamentally change our lives.

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