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Confidence is a crucial ingredient for a successful life. True confidence is the ability to be self-reliant, to know that you are able to cope, that you can depend upon yourself and that you are enough. Confidence is innate and is not dependent on outside validation. Its importance and fragility is often overlooked. Without it, you are not able move into full maturity as a human being. With confidence you can make choices to grow and become more, without it you are governed by fear and thus your reality contracts. Confidence gives the ability to act and create, without it you are disempowered and react to life. Fear of appearing arrogant or fear of the negative ego can stop you allowing yourself to have it. Perhaps not being confident allows you to manipulate and control others to ensure that they make concessions for you. Perhaps it is the fear that ‘if I am confident I will free others’ and, consequently, I will be alone. Confidence can be broken – harsh experiences in schools or other institutions, disaster and pain can lead to broken confidence. People become immobilised and paralysed, their lives ruined, many never recover. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm and worldwide confidence is a synergy of the confidence of individuals so, when one breaks, the other is weakened. Use this essence to allow yourself to be confident and let it have impact upon the world. You are an integral component of the whole. Contribute your confidence to the macrocosm.

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