Welcome to our FAQ section. Below you will find answers to some commonly asked questions.

From where do you operate?

Our base of operations is in Cape Town, South Africa.

Where are your packages shipped from?

Our products are shipped from Cape Town, South Africa. In the case where you wish to purchase our products in a country where we have partnered with distributors, you can order through them directly.

Do you ship packages internationally?

Yes, we currently ship our products to all countries internationally.

How long does it take you to process an order before it is dispatched?

As soon as payment has cleared and has been verified we package your product immediately before dispatching it to our courier for shipping.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We currently offer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as a payment method but will be expanding to Credit/Debit card payment facilities as soon as we partner with a payment gateway provider.

How long will delivery take?

This depends on a combination of how quickly your payment clears and where you are located in the world.

How secure is the online store?

Our online store is very secure and we take very special care of your personal details.

What exactly happens after ordering?

After we receive your order and payment has been cleared and verified, we package your order and contact our courier to make collection of the package. Once they have received your package they will then schedule it for shipping in their system and then your products will be shipped soon thereafter.

Do I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, following every successful order you will receive an invoice to your email address for your own record-keeping purposes and to be used if you should have any questions or queries about your order.

What are the delivery charges for orders?

We have made sure to select a courier with highly competitive shipping rates and so fees charged are very reasonable. they of course vary depending on order size and location to where the order is shipped to.