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This site seeks to give you an insight into how flower essences work, as well as a guide as to how and why to use the South African Flower Essences.

Along with a detailed description of each flower essence, we have the Abbreviated Guide to the Flower Essences and an Emotional Index correlating emotions and/or mental states with the indicated flower essences.

On the market since 1994, the South African Flower Essences provide you with a valuable toolbox of vibrational healing. Their focus is to help you to clear away the garbage and to establish and deepen your relationship with your Higher Self and Soul in order to be able to live to your full potential. The Flower Essences assist you in finding, and living, your destiny; in bringing the abundance, prosperity, joy, fun and thrill that you deeply desire into your life.

They also deal in depth with all the reasons we believe we are not able to do this, with all the games we play with ourselves, as well as with others, and with the aspects of ourselves which stand in our way. Like peeling off the layers of an onion, they work to put you in touch with who you really are – who your Higher Self and Soul know you to be.

We have entered a new paradigm. It is time to marry the masculine world of linear thinking and rational thought, the world of business and material achievement with the inner feminine world of intuition and mysticism. Esoteric knowledge used to mean “hidden knowledge for the chosen few”. Today, this knowledge is available to anyone who searches. We are in the process of birthing the long-awaited New World and we hope that you will find the South African Flower Essences to be cherished companions on your path.

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