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How to use South African Flower Essences

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Although we have given keynotes for each essence, please read all the information on the essence you are using as intricate emotional and mental states are involved. Summarising this can lose some of the meaning. The cross-reference is not intended to be comprehensive, it is simply an indication to facilitate your use of the essences.

Flower Essence kit to help with stressWe have found that the essences often work together in denominations of seven. Using a single essence may have a more powerful effect, however, if your testing indicates several different essences as often happens, these will fuse together and create the right energy pattern for you.

The individual flower essences are at stock potency, made directly from the mother essences. Therefore, if you want to use a combination over a period of time, you can make up dosage bottles by mixing a third brandy with spring or filtered water and adding seven drops of each essence you require. The combination essences are at dosage level and should not be diluted.

Take the essences at least four times daily, seven if you can, especially when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night. Use either seven drops in water or one drop under the tongue. As the essences work on the principle of vibrational healing, it is the frequency with which you take them, not the quantity taken, which is important. In times of need the essences can be taken every fifteen minutes or, alternatively, ask your Higher Self and guides how you should use them and then test for the answer, using the methods we have talked about.

The essences can, additionally, be of benefit when used externally by applying them directly to pulse points or on chakras, by adding them to massage oils or by putting a few drops in your bath.

It is also possible to psychically send the healing energy of the essence to others, be it a person, group of people, animal or plant. This is done by holding the essence, visualizing whoever you are sending the energy to and then sensing the energy of the essence entering their auric field.

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