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Emotional Characteristics Index to the South African Flower Essences

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Use this table to find the flower essences that are indicated for the emotional problem given in the column on the left.
Emotional Symptom Recommended Flower Essences
Abandonment Sugar Bush Protea Essence
Absentminded Felicia Essence, Loquat Essence, Rosemary Essence
Abundance consciousness Agapanthus Essence
Abuse Basil Essence, Red Hot Poker Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Abuse of power Wild Ginger Essence, Yellowwood Essence
Acceptance Dog Rose Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Achievement Zimbabwe Creeper Essence
Actors Cosmos Essence
Addictive behaviour Grapevine Essence, Nicotiana Essence, Wild Dagga Essence
Adolescence Loquat Essence, Plumbago Essence
Adversity Borage Essence, Squash Essence
Ageing process Senecio Essence
Aggression Aloe Essence, Marigold Essence
Alienation Bauhinia Essence, Pelargonium Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Alignment of chakras Lotus Essence, Morning Glory Essence
Alignment of subtle bodies Green Pepper Essence
Aliveness Baeometra Essence, Zinnia Essence
Altruism Aloe Essence
Ambition - positive Pink Watsonia Essence
Anger Apricot Essence, Belladonna Lily Essence, Holly Essence, White Geranium Essence, Wild Sage Essence
Anger - depressed Flowering Quince Essence
Anger - disallowed Lemon Essence
Anger - displaced Cape Honeysuckle Essence
Anger - female Azalea Essence, Pomegranate Essence
Anger - suppression Gazania Essence
Anguish English Hawthorne Essence
Anorexia Loquat Essence
Anticipation Wattle Essence, Wild Iris Essence
Anticipation - of danger Clivia Essence
Anxiety Loquat Essence, Squash Essence
Anxiety for others Clivia Essence
Apathy Loquat Essence
Apology - excessive Plumbago Essence
Arrogance Calendula Essence, Marigold Essence, Oxalis Essence
Assimilation of facts Spur Flower Essence
Attention seeking Red Erica Essence, Sour Fig Essence
Aura - clearing of Grapevine Essence
Auric protection Orange Essence, Wild Sage Essence, Yarrow Essence
Authority Azalea Essence, Yellowwood Essence
Authority - personal Flowering Gum Essence
Autocratism Cape Honeysuckle Essence
Avariciousness Agapanthus Essence
Avoidance Loquat Essence
Awareness - lack of Mountain Dahlia Essence
Beauty Daffodil Essence, Wild Iris Essence
Beingness Hyacinth Essence
Belonging - sense of Sweetpea Essence
Bereavement Orange Pincushion Essence
Betrayal Grassy Bell Essence
Birth Cauliflower Essence, Dune Calendula Essence
Bitterness Aloe Essence, Wild Pear Essence, Yucca Essence
Blame Plumbago Essence
Blockages Mango Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Boldness Cape Almond Essence, Strelitzia Essence
Boredom Tulip Magnolia Essence
Boundaries Buchu Essence, Pink Watsonia Essence
Brokenhearted English Hawthorne Essence
Caffeine - addiction Wild Coffee Essence
Calmness Clivia Essence, Lavender Essence, Menopause Essence, Warratah Essence
Carefreeness Zinnia Essence
Caring Mountain Dahlia Essence
Caring - for self Christ Thorn Essence
Centring Grevillea Essence, Orange Pincushion Essence
Chakras - clearing of Giant Protea Essence
Challenge Squash Essence
Change Apricot Essence, Dune Calendula Essence, Oak Essence
Change - refusal to Rhododendron Essence
Character Chinkerinchee Essence, Wild Dagga Essence
Cheerfulness Zinnia Essence
Children Dog Rose Essence
Clarity Arum Lily Essence, Pink Watsonia Essence, Umsipane Essence
Clarity of purpose Strelitzia Essence
Co-dependency Orange Essence, Sunbonnet Essence
Coherency Cosmos Essence
Coldness Calendula Essence, Umsipane Essence
Commitment Mango Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Commitment - fear of Evening Primrose Essence
Common good Scilla Essence
Communication Daffodil Essence, Marigold Essence, Tulip Magnolia Essence
Compassion Calendula Essence, Fuchsia Essence, Orange Watsonia Essence
Compassion - for self Daffodil Essence, Pansy Essence
Competitiveness Aloe Essence
Composure Cosmos Essence
Concentration Hibiscus Essence
Conception Fig Essence
Confidence Cape Almond Essence, Oreganum Essence
Confidence in parenting abilities Keurtjie Essence
Conflicting feelings Buchu Essence
Confusion Avocado Essence, Pink Bell Heather Essence
Connection to others Water Lily Essence
Consciousness Fuchsia Essence, Pelargonium Essence
Consciousness - expansion of Shasta Daisy Essence
Control Red Erica Essence, Sour Fig Essence, Wild Ginger Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Convalescence Baeometra Essence
Conviction Strelitzia Essence
Courage Avocado Essence, Bottle Brush Essence, Forget-Me-Not Essence, Orange Pincushion Essence, Pompom Tree Essence, Squash Essence, Wild Garlic Essence
Creative visualisation Chestnut Essence, Strelitzia Essence
Creativity Gazania Essence, Hibiscus Essence, Pomegranate Essence, Wild Iris Essence
Criticism Snapdragon Essence
Crown chakra Basil Essence, White Geranium Essence
Cruelty Orange Watsonia Essence
Cynicism Marigold Essence, Wild Pear Essence
Dark night of the soul Disa Essence
Darkness Cancer Bush Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Death Oak Essence, Wild Gardenia Essence
Decisiveness Felicia Essence, Jacaranda Essence
Deductive reasoning Marigold Essence
Defeatism Cucumber Essence
Defective Christ Thorn Essence
Defensiveness Grevillea Essence, Peach Essence, Tulip Magnolia Essence
Delegation skills Green Pepper Essence
Deliberation Strelitzia Essence
Demanding Sour Fig Essence
Denial Wild Ginger Essence
Dependence Sunbonnet Essence
Depletion Baeometra Essence, Maple Essence, Stress_Essence,_Suring Essence
Depression Flowering Quince Essence
Depression - post natal Keurtjie Essence
Deprivation Holly Essence, Yucca Essence
Deservability Nicotiana Essence, Plumbago Essence
Despair Bauhinia Essence, Disa Essence, Warratah Essence
Destiny Hypericum Essence, Strelitzia Essence
Destructiveness Nicotiana Essence, Snapdragon Essence
Determination Jacaranda Essence
Determination - lack of Australian Tea Tree Essence
Dignity Senecio Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Directedness Yellowwood Essence
Direction Tulip Magnolia Essence
Disapproval - sensitivity to Pansy Essence
Disconnection Felicia Essence
Discordant situations Bluebell Essence, Wild Sage Essence
Discouragement Borage Essence, Frangipani Essence, Wattle Essence
Discrimination Roella Essence
Dishonesty Chinkerinchee Essence
Disillusionment Disa Essence
Disorientation Bluebell Essence, Rosemary Essence
Dissatisfaction Tulip Magnolia Essence
Dissipation Pink Watsonia Essence
Dithering Strelitzia Essence
Divorce Oak Essence
Dogmatism Rhododendron Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Domination of others Scilla Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Dread Frangipani Essence
Dreaming - creative Chestnut Essence, Wild Iris Essence
Dreams Pelargonium Essence, Thyme Essence
Dying Wild Gardenia Essence
Earth - stewardship Aristea Essence, Fumaria Essence, Nicotiana Essence
Ease Ixia Essence, Oreganum Essence
Elitism Roella Essence
Emergencies Warratah Essence
Emotional - abuse Red Hot Poker Essence
Emotional - authenticity Bauhinia Essence
Emotional - balance Lavender Essence
Emotional - boundaries Buchu Essence
Emotional - clarity Avocado Essence
Emotional - coldness Calendula Essence, Rosemary Essence
Emotional - deprivation Fuchsia Essence
Emotional - pain Wild Dagga Essence
Emotional - paralysis Cape Almond Essence
Emotional - repression Avocado Essence, Dandelion Essence, Fuchsia Essence, Vygie Essence, Water Lily Essence
Emotional - tension Comfrey Essence, Orange Essence
Emotional - toxicity Grapefruit Essence
Emotional - upheavals English Hawthorne Essence
Emotional - vulnerability Pompom Tree Essence, Water Lily Essence
Emotions - denied Dog Rose Essence
Emotions - numbing of Nicotiana Essence, Water Lily Essence
Emotions - overcharged Orange Essence
Emotions - stagnation of Yucca Essence
Empathy Mango Essence
Emptiness Wild Dagga Essence
Enchantment Disa Essence, White Geranium Essence
Endings Wild Gardenia Essence
Enemies Geranium Incanum Essence
Enlightenment Basil Essence, Lotus Essence
Enthusiasm Baeometra Essence, Yellowwood Essence, Zinnia Essence
Envy Aloe Essence, Holly Essence
Escapism Jacaranda Essence, Morning Glory Essence, Wild Dagga Essence
Estrangement Sugar Bush Protea Essence
Exaggeration Sour Fig Essence
Examinations Stress Essence, Study Essence
Excellence Green Pepper Essence
Exhaustion Baeometra Essence
Exhilaration White Geranium Essence
Expectation Wattle Essence
Expectation of disaster Clivia Essence, Wattle Essence
Expression - inarticulate Cosmos Essence
Fanaticism Cape Honeysuckle Essence
Fastidiousness Green Pepper Essence
Fathering Azalea Essence, Sunflower Essence
Fatigue Baeometra Essence, Stress Essence
Fear Bauhinia Essence, Crisis Remedy, Loquat Essence, Mountain Rose Essence, Red Camellia Essence, Warratah Essence, Wild Garlic Essence
Fear - abandonment Evening Primrose Essence
Fear - ageing Fig Essence, Senecio Essence
Fear - annihilation Orange Pincushion Essence
Fear - betrayal Grassy Bell Essence
Fear - deprivation Agapanthus Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Fear - generalised Coral Tree Essence
Fear - karmic Coral Tree Essence
Fear - loss Coral Tree Essence
Fear - of parenthood Evening Primrose Essence
Fear - of terminations Tiger Lily Essence, Wild Gardenia Essence
Fear - rejection Pompom Tree Essence
Fear - the future Peach Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Fear - the unknown Cape Almond Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Fears - inexplicable Frangipani Essence
Female anger Lemon Essence
Female energy Pomegranate Essence, Touch-Me-Not Essence
Female energy - excessive Mock Orange Essence, Sunflower Essence
Female sexuality Gazania Essence, Inner_Female_Essence,_Lemon Essence, Touch-Me-Not Essence, Wisteria Essence
Female warrior Silverleaf Essence
Feminine creativity Pomegranate Essence
Feminine wisdom Tiger Lily Essence
Femininity Blushing Bride Essence
Fervency Suring Essence
Flawed Christ Thorn Essence
Flexibility Crassula Essence
Focus Arum Lily Essence, Green Pepper Essence, Pink Watsonia Essence, Yellowwood Essence
Focus - lack of Felicia Essence, White Geranium Essence
Forgetfulness Forget-Me-Not Essence, White Geranium Essence
Forgiveness Crab Apple Essence, Painted Lady Essence, Yucca Essence
Fortitude Borage Essence, Squash Essence
Frustration Daffodil Essence, Wild Iris Essence
Gentleness Mango Essence, Umsipane Essence
Gloom Cancer Bush Essence, Daffodil Essence
Grace Ixia Essence, Senecio Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Grandiosity Yellowwood Essence
Greed Agapanthus Essence, Aloe Essence
Grief Dandelion Essence, English Hawthorne Essence, Peach Essence
Grimness Zinnia Essence
Grounding Bluebell Essence, Orange Pincushion Essence, Red Erica Essence
Grounding - cosmic energy Hypericum Essence
Hangovers Grapevine Essence
Happiness Felicia Essence, Zinnia Essence
Harmonious use of sound Bluebell Essence
Harshness Calendula Essence, Tulip Magnolia Essence
Hate Aloe Essence, Painted Lady Essence
Heart chakra Cucumber Essence, Periwinkle Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Hero complex Crassula Essence
Holding grudges Wild Pear Essence
Honesty Chinkerinchee Essence
Hope Disa Essence, Wattle Essence, Wild Iris Essence
Hopelessness Cancer Bush Essence, Flowering Quince Essence, Warratah Essence
Hospice work Wild Gardenia Essence
Humility Calendula Essence, Roella Essence, Zinnia Essence
Hurt Grassy Bell Essence
Hypochondria Red Erica Essence
Hysteria Lavender Essence, Orange Essence
Idealism Crassula Essence
Immaturity Mountain Cabbage Tree Essence
Immigration Oak Essence
Immune system Tomato Essence
Immunity - low Wild Garlic Essence
Impact - unaware of Orange Watsonia Essence
Impeccability Chinkerinchee Essence, Pink Bell Heather Essence
Inability - to complete Australian Tea Tree Essence
Inadequacy Sunbonnet Essence
Incarnation - reluctance Loquat Essence, Wild Sage Essence
Indecision Felicia Essence, Strelitzia Essence
Indifference Water Lily Essence
Individual responsibility Aristea Essence, Yucca Essence
Individuality Arum Lily Essence
Infants Cauliflower Essence
Inferiority - sense of Oxalis Essence
Inflexibility Rhododendron Essence
Inhibition Fuchsia Essence, Touch-Me-Not Essence
Inner child Keurtjie Essence, Sugar Bush Protea Essence, Warratah Essence, Yucca Essence
Inner child - fear Red Camellia Essence
Inner child - repressed Zinnia Essence
Inner child - shock Red Camellia Essence
Inner conflict Apricot Essence, Pink Bell Heather Essence
Inner female Periwinkle Essence, Touch-Me-Not Essence
Inner guidance Pine Essence
Inner male Sunflower Essence
Inner peace Corn Essence, Flowering Quince Essence, Sweetpea Essence
Inner space Corn Essence, Pink Watsonia Essence
Inner stillness Sonderina Essence
Inner strength Avocado Essence, Corn Essence
Insecurity Cape Almond Essence, Rosemary Essence
Insensitivity Azalea Essence, Maidenhair Fern Essence, Orange Watsonia Essence
Insincerity Pink Bell Heather Essence
Insomnia Lavender Essence, Sonderina Essence
Inspiration Aristea Essence, Hibiscus Essence, Silverleaf Essence, Yellowwood Essence
Inspirational ability Yellowwood Essence
Integration Fuchsia Essence, Shasta Daisy Essence, Thyme Essence
Integration of emotion Bauhinia Essence
Integration of ideas Cosmos Essence
Integration of knowledge Spur Flower Essence
Integrity Chinkerinchee Essence, Pink Bell Heather Essence
Intellect Calendula Essence, Umsipane Essence
Intensity Suring Essence, Umsipane Essence
Intent Strelitzia Essence
Internal conflict Apricot Essence
Intimacy Blushing Bride Essence
Intimidation Grevillea Essence, Orange Watsonia Essence
Introversion Ixia Essence
Intuition Avocado Essence, Chestnut Essence, Pansy Essence, Plumbago Essence
Irrationality Grapefruit Essence
Irresponsibility White Geranium Essence
Irritability Comfrey Essence, Lavender Essence
Isolation Bauhinia Essence, Nicotiana Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Jealousy Aloe Essence, Painted Lady Essence
Joy Apricot Essence, Disa Essence, Painted Lady Essence, Wattle Essence, Zinnia Essence
Judgment Wild Ginger Essence
Judgment - of self Daffodil Essence
Karma Coral Tree Essence, Frangipani Essence, Plum Essence
Kundalini Basil Essence
Laughter Zinnia Essence
Leadership Yellowwood Essence
Learning Spur Flower Essence
Learning difficulties African Banana Essence
Listening ability Calendula Essence, Sour Fig Essence
Listlessness Freesia Essence, Loquat Essence
Logic Calendula Essence, Marigold Essence
Loneliness Bauhinia Essence, Mountain Rose Essence, Pompom Tree Essence
Loss Agapanthus Essence, Coral Tree Essence, English Hawthorne Essence
Love Coral Tree Essence, Mango Essence, Pompom Tree Essence
Lust for power Aloe Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Male / female balance See Yin / Yang balance
Male sexuality Wisteria Essence
Manipulation Vygie Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Martyrhood Vygie Essence, Yucca Essence
Masculine energy Sausage Tree Essence, Zimbabwe Creeper Essence
Masculine energy - excessive Tiger Lily Essence
Massage therapy Apricot Essence, Dandelion Essence
Materialism Marigold Essence
Mature beauty Senecio Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Maturity Tiger Lily Essence
Meaning Sugar Bush Protea Essence, Wild Dagga Essence
Meditation Bluebell Essence, Chestnut Essence, Hyacinth Essence, Morning Glory Essence
Melancholy Peach Essence, Wattle Essence
Memory loss Forget-Me-Not Essence
Menopause Senecio Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Mental - abuse Wild Ginger Essence
Mental - clarity Sonderina Essence
Mental - focus Spur Flower Essence, Wild Coffee Essence
Mental - strain Nasturtium Essence, Spur Flower Essence
Mental energy - excessive Calendula Essence, Umsipane Essence
Merging with others Buchu Essence, Pink Watsonia Essence
Mid-life crisis Dune Calendula Essence
Mistrust Sugar Bush Protea Essence
Mocking Calendula Essence, Snapdragon Essence
Moderation Zimbabwe Creeper Essence
Money Issues Agapanthus Essence
Moral Courage Chinkerinchee Essence, Silverleaf Essence
Morbidity Cancer Bush Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Mothering Keurtjie Essence, Pomegranate Essence
Motivation - lack of Flowering Gum Essence
Motivation - purity of Pink Bell Heather Essence
Multi-dimensional awareness Aristea Essence, Dune Calendula Essence, Fumaria Essence, Hypericum Essence, Shasta Daisy Essence, Thyme Essence
Mutual understanding Calendula Essence, Tulip Magnolia Essence
Nature - attunement to Aristea Essence, Hypericum Essence, Nicotiana Essence
Neediness Sour Fig Essence, Yucca Essence
Negative ego Crassula Essence, Mountain Dahlia Essence, Scilla Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Negative thoughtforms Wild Garlic Essence, Yarrow Essence
Negativity - release of Avocado Essence, Cancer Bush Essence, Grapevine Essence, Wattle Essence
Nervous breakdowns Bauhinia Essence, Disa Essence, Warratah Essence
Nervous habits Comfrey Essence
Nervousness Comfrey Essence, Lavender Essence
Nightmares Forget-Me-Not Essence, Orange Pincushion Essence
Nurturing Fig Essence, Parenting Essence
Nurturing - resentment of Christ Thorn Essence
Obsessive relationships Orange Essence
Obstinacy Rhododendron Essence
Optimism Borage Essence, Zinnia Essence
Overbearing - behaviour Calendula Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence
Over-indulgence Grapevine Essence
Over-involvement in daily life Wild Iris Essence
Over-sensitivity Bluebell Essence
Overstriving Zimbabwe Creeper Essence
Overwhelm Avocado Essence, Borage Essence, Orange Essence
Pain Buchu Essence, Dog Rose Essence, Fuchsia Essence, Grassy Bell Essence, Inner Child Essence, Nicotiana Essence, Pelargonium Essence, Wild Gardenia Essence
Panic Comfrey Essence, Crisis_Remedy,_Lavender Essence, Warratah Essence
Paradox - resolution of Strelitzia Essence
Paranoia Fig Essence
Parenthood Fig Essence, Mountain Cabbage Tree Essence, Parenting Essence
Parenthood - fear of Evening Primrose Essence
Passion Daffodil Essence, Suring Essence
Past Avocado Essence, Plum Essence, Rhododendron Essence, Wild Pear Essence
Past life regressions Thyme Essence
Patronising Marigold Essence, Umsipane Essence
Patterns of resonance Tomato Essence
Peace Cancer Bush Essence, Pelargonium Essence, Wild Gardenia Essence
Perfectionism Dandelion Essence, Red Camellia Essence
Perseverance Strelitzia Essence
Personal power Azalea Essence, Grevillea Essence, Mock Orange Essence
Perspective Green Pepper Essence, Maidenhair Fern Essence
Perspective - holographic Shasta Daisy Essence
Pessimism Cucumber Essence, Wattle Essence
Physical abuse Wild Ginger Essence
Physical coldness Rosemary Essence
Planetary consciousness Aristea Essence, Freesia Essence, Mango Essence, Nicotiana Essence
Play - ability to Zinnia Essence
Poise Felicia Essence
Polarities - unresolved Tiger Lily Essence
Possession Orange Essence, Wild Sage Essence
Possessiveness Sunbonnet Essence
Posturing Oreganum Essence
Poverty - consciousness Agapanthus Essence
Pregnancy Cauliflower Essence, Pomegranate Essence
Prejudice Roella Essence
Pretence Oreganum Essence
Pride Calendula Essence, Roella Essence
Principles Chinkerinchee Essence, Pink Bell Heather Essence
Procrastination Strelitzia Essence
Productivity Umsipane Essence
Prohibitions Touch-Me-Not Essence
Projection Grevillea Essence, Roella Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Promiscuity Basil Essence, Lemon Essence
Protecting Keurtjie Essence
Protection Bluebell Essence, Clivia Essence, Silverleaf Essence
Protection - psychic realms Hypericum Essence
Prudishness Gazania Essence, Touch-Me-Not Essence
Psychic - abilities Chestnut Essence
Psychic - activity Grapefruit Essence
Psychic - attack Wild Garlic Essence, Yarrow Essence
Psychosomatic - illnesses Red Erica Essence
Puberty Mock Orange Essence, Pomegranate Essence
Public Speaking Cosmos Essence
Punishing Vygie Essence, White Geranium Essence
Purpose Wild Dagga Essence
Radiance Sunflower Essence
Radiation - exposure to Yarrow Essence
Rage Snapdragon Essence
Rape Gazania Essence, Wisteria Essence
Rebelliousness Azalea Essence, Mountain Cabbage Tree Essence
Receptivity Calendula Essence, Thyme Essence
Recognition - excessive need for Scilla Essence
Rejection Pompom Tree Essence
Relationships - unseen Forget-Me-Not Essence
Releasing negativity Clivia Essence
Remorse Crab Apple Essence, Pine Essence
Repetitive thought patterns Sonderina Essence
Repressed attitudes Gazania Essence
Repressed emotions See emotional repression
Resentment Holly Essence, Wild Pear Essence, Yucca Essence
Resignation Freesia Essence, Loquat Essence
Resistance White Geranium Essence
Responsibility Apricot Essence, Azalea Essence
Responsibility - abuse of Yellowwood Essence
Responsibility - avoidance of Mountain Cabbage Tree Essence
Responsibility - inappropriate Pine Essence
Responsibility - overdeveloped Clivia Essence
Responsibility - personal Apricot Essence, Yucca Essence
Restlessness Tulip Magnolia Essence
Restrictions Touch-Me-Not Essence
Revenge Cancer Bush Essence, Holly Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Rigidity See inflexibility
Rootedness Oak Essence
Ruthlessness Basil Essence, Orange Watsonia Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Sacral chakra Gazania Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Sadness Borage Essence, English Hawthorne Essence
Sarcasm Calendula Essence, Snapdragon Essence
Scepticism Marigold Essence
Seeking to please Pine Essence, Vygie Essence
Self-absorption Ixia Essence, Mountain Dahlia Essence
Self-acceptance Crab Apple Essence, Sour Fig Essence
Self-aggrandisement Scilla Essence, Sour Fig Essence
Self-blame Crab Apple Essence, Pine Essence
Self-centred Orange Watsonia Essence
Self-chastisement Pine Essence
Self-consciousness Ixia Essence
Self-criticism Daffodil Essence, Pine Essence
Self-deception Pink Bell Heather Essence
Self-denial Parsley Essence
Self-deprecation Ixia Essence
Self-destructiveness Crab Apple Essence, Maple Essence, Substance Abuse Essence, Wild Coffee Essence
Self-disgust Crab Apple Essence, Pine Essence
Self-esteem Plum Essence, Sunflower Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Self-forgiveness Crab Apple Essence, Parsley Essence
Self-hatred Crab Apple Essence, Oxalis Essence
Self-importance Oxalis Essence, Yellowwood Essence
Self-love Aristea Essence, Daffodil Essence, Roella Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Self-motivation Arum Lily Essence
Self-neglect Christ Thorn Essence
Self-nurturing Keurtjie Essence, Parsley Essence
Self-pity Vygie Essence, Yellow Pincushion Essence, Yucca Essence
Self-protection See defensiveness
Self-punishment See self-destructiveness
Self-sabotage Coral Tree Essence
Self-worth Oxalis Essence, Roella Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Sensitivity Calendula Essence, Orange Watsonia Essence, Red Camellia Essence
Sensitivity to criticism Pansy Essence
Separation Bauhinia Essence, Sweetpea Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Serenity Aristea Essence, Lavender Essence, Rosemary Essence
Seriousness Zinnia Essence
Servitude Sunbonnet Essence
Sexual - abuse Wisteria Essence
Sexual - exploitation Wisteria Essence
Sexual - imbalance Lemon Essence
Sexual - repression Evening Primrose Essence
Sexual - shame Fig Essence
Sexual acitivity - debasing Basil Essence
Sexual energy - misused Basil Essence, Snapdragon Essence
Sexuality - female See female sexuality
Sexuality - male See male sexuality
Shadow - integration of Cancer Bush Essence, Grevillea Essence, Roella Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Shame Crab Apple Essence, Plumbago Essence, Red Erica Essence, Wisteria Essence
Shattering - of ideals Periwinkle Essence
Shock Oak Essence, Peach Essence, Warratah Essence
Shock - during birth Cauliflower Essence
Shyness Ixia Essence
Sleeping Morning Glory Essence
Sleeping - excessive Loquat Essence
Sleepwalking Forget-Me-Not Essence, Orange Pincushion Essence
Sorrow Borage Essence, Dog Rose Essence, English Hawthorne Essence
Spaced out Felicia Essence
Spiritual attunement Chestnut Essence, Creativity Essence, Flowering Cherry Essence, Fumaria Essence, Hypericum Essence, Maidenhair Fern Essence, Petunia Essence, Thyme Essence, Wild Jasmine Essence
Spontaneity Parsley Essence
Stabilisation Oak Essence
Stimulants - use of Wild Dagga Essence
Strength - inner Avocado Essence, Borage Essence, Silverleaf Essence
Stress Dandelion Essence, Stress Essence, Sweetpea Essence
Stress - city living Corn Essence
Study Spur Flower Essence, Study Essence
Subjugation Plumbago Essence
Substance abuse Grapevine Essence, Nicotiana Essence, Substance_Abuse_Essence, Wild Dagga Essence
Suffering Cancer Bush Essence, Flowering Quince Essence, Yucca Essence
Suffering - transmutation Fumaria Essence
Suicidal tendencies Warratah Essence
Superiority Oxalis Essence, Umsipane Essence
Superiority - intellectual Calendula Essence
Superwoman syndrome Gazania Essence, Pomegranate Essence
Surrender Crassula Essence, Flowering Cherry Essence, Wild Gardenia Essence, Zimbabwe Creeper Essence
Suspicion Holly Essence, Painted Lady Essence
Telepathy Avocado Essence, Grapefruit Essence, Mountain Dahlia Essence
Temper Belladonna Lily Essence
Tension Avocado Essence, Snapdragon Essence, Sweetpea Essence
Terminations Wild Gardenia Essence
Terror Cancer Bush Essence, White Geranium Essence
Therapy Avocado Essence, Thyme Essence
Thought patterns - confused Cosmos Essence
Threats Wild Ginger Essence
Throat chakra Cosmos Essence, Dandelion Essence
Time and Space Thyme Essence
Timidity Ixia Essence
Tolerance Parsley Essence, Umsipane Essence
Torment Cancer Bush Essence, Disa Essence
Tranquillity Aristea Essence, Hyacinth Essence, Orange Pincushion Essence
Transcendence Fumaria Essence, Lotus Essence, Shasta Daisy Essence
Transition Tiger Lily Essence, Wild Gardenia Essence
Trauma Cauliflower Essence, Inner Child Essence, Oak Essence, Peach Essence, Warratah Essence
Trust Clivia Essence, Plumbago Essence, Tulip Magnolia Essence
Tyranny Orange Watsonia Essence
Uncertainty Felicia Essence, Holly Essence, Tulip Magnolia Essence
Unconditional love Painted Lady Essence
Undeservability Nicotiana Essence, Plumbago Essence
Unethical behaviour Chinkerinchee Essence, Pink Bell Heather Essence
Unfaithfulness Basil Essence
Unhappiness Felicia Essence
Universal love Fumaria Essence, Mango Essence
Unreliability White Geranium Essence
Untruthfulness Chinkerinchee Essence, Pink Bell Heather Essence
Uprootedness Oak Essence
Vacillation Strelitzia Essence
Verbal aggression Snapdragon Essence
Victimhood Vygie Essence, Yucca Essence
Violence Basil Essence, Wild Ginger Essence
Visualisation Chestnut Essence, Strelitzia Essence
Vitality Baeometra Essence, Comfrey Essence, Felicia Essence, Wild Sage Essence
Vitality - lack of Grapevine Essence
Vulnerability Pompom Tree Essence, Water Lily Essence
Waking Morning Glory Essence
Warmth Calendula Essence, Pansy Essence, Rosemary Essence, Sunflower Essence
Wholeness Aristea Essence, Oxalis Essence, Wild Garlic Essence, Wild Pear Essence
Will - excessive use of Crassula Essence, Zimbabwe Creeper Essence
Will - lack of Jacaranda Essence
Will - strengthening Wild Sage Essence
Will forces Wild Sage Essence
Willingness to receive Plum Essence
Willpower Wild Garlic Essence
Wisdom Spur Flower Essence, Tiger Lily Essence
Withdrawal Cucumber Essence, Red Hot Poker Essence, Rosemary Essence
Wonder Daffodil Essence, Petunia Essence
Workaholism Cape Honeysuckle Essence, Parsley Essence, Stress Essence, Zimbabwe Creeper Essence
Working with others Scilla Essence
Worry Squash Essence
Wounding Periwinkle Essence
Yin / Yang balance Avocado Essence, Inner Female Essence, Mock Orange Essence, Sunflower Essence, Wisteria Essence
Zest Freesia Essence, Zinnia Essence

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