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Browse down this page and enter the quantity of each South African flower essence that you want. At the bottom of the page you will find a button to add these essences to your order. You will be able to change the quantities or remove items from your order at the order confirmation screen.
(Show prices in $ US, £ UK, Euro, or ZAR)
Full Set of 18 Combination Flower Essences (Stand not included)e236.14 (EU)
Box of 30 Flower Essences (own selection)e379.59 (EU)
Box of 60 Flower Essences (own selection)e708.78 (EU)
Box of 120 Flower Essences (own selection)e969.27 (EU)
Full Set of Flower Essences (169 essences)e1637.93 (EU)
Handbook to The South African Flower Essencese14.54 (EU)
Stress Kite29.08 (EU)
Travel Kite29.08 (EU)
Mother & Baby Kite29.08 (EU)
Abundance Essencee14.54 (EU)
Adolescent Essencee14.54 (EU)
Auric Protection Essencee14.54 (EU)
Balancing Essencee14.54 (EU)
Birth Essencee14.54 (EU)
Creativity Essencee14.54 (EU)
Crisis Remedye14.54 (EU)
Harmony Essencee14.54 (EU)
Inner Child Essencee14.54 (EU)
Inner Female Essencee14.54 (EU)
Inner Male Essencee14.54 (EU)
Menopause Essencee14.54 (EU)
Parenting Essencee14.54 (EU)
Separation Essencee14.54 (EU)
Stress Essencee14.54 (EU)
Study Essencee14.54 (EU)
Substance Abuse Essencee14.54 (EU)
Travel Essencee14.54 (EU)
African Banana Essencee14.54 (EU)
Agapanthus Essencee14.54 (EU)
Aloe Essencee14.54 (EU)
Apricot Essencee14.54 (EU)
Aristea Essencee14.54 (EU)
Arum Lily Essencee14.54 (EU)
Australian Tea Tree Essencee14.54 (EU)
Avocado Essencee14.54 (EU)
Azalea Essencee14.54 (EU)
Baeometra Essencee14.54 (EU)
Basil Essencee14.54 (EU)
Bauhinia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Bell Gardenia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Belladonna Lily Essencee14.54 (EU)
Bluebell Essencee14.54 (EU)
Blushing Bride Essencee14.54 (EU)
Borage Essencee14.54 (EU)
Bottle Brush Essencee14.54 (EU)
Buchu Essencee14.54 (EU)
Calendula Essencee14.54 (EU)
Cancer Bush Essencee14.54 (EU)
Cape Almond Essencee14.54 (EU)
Cape Honeysuckle Essencee14.54 (EU)
Cauliflower Essencee14.54 (EU)
Chestnut Essencee14.54 (EU)
Chinkerinchee Essencee14.54 (EU)
Christ Thorn Essencee14.54 (EU)
Clivia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Comfrey Essencee14.54 (EU)
Coral Tree Essencee14.54 (EU)
Corn Essencee14.54 (EU)
Cosmos Essencee14.54 (EU)
Crab Apple Essencee14.54 (EU)
Crassula Essencee14.54 (EU)
Cucumber Essencee14.54 (EU)
Daffodil Essencee14.54 (EU)
Dandelion Essencee14.54 (EU)
Disa Essencee14.54 (EU)
Dog Rose Essencee14.54 (EU)
Dune Calendula Essencee14.54 (EU)
English Hawthorne Essencee14.54 (EU)
Evening Primrose Essencee14.54 (EU)
Felicia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Fig Essencee14.54 (EU)
Flowering Cherry Essencee14.54 (EU)
Flowering Gum Essencee14.54 (EU)
Flowering Quince Essencee14.54 (EU)
Forget-Me-Not Essencee14.54 (EU)
Frangipani Essencee14.54 (EU)
Freesia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Fuchsia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Fumaria Essencee14.54 (EU)
Gazania Essencee14.54 (EU)
Geranium Incanum Essencee14.54 (EU)
Giant Protea Essencee14.54 (EU)
Grapevine Essencee14.54 (EU)
Grapefruit Essencee14.54 (EU)
Grassy Bell Essencee14.54 (EU)
Green Pepper Essencee14.54 (EU)
Grevillea Essencee14.54 (EU)
Hibiscus Essencee14.54 (EU)
Holly Essencee14.54 (EU)
Hyacinth Essencee14.54 (EU)
Hypericum Essencee14.54 (EU)
Ixia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Jacaranda Essencee14.54 (EU)
Keurtjie Essencee14.54 (EU)
Lavender Essencee14.54 (EU)
Lemon Essencee14.54 (EU)
Loquat Essencee14.54 (EU)
Lotus Essencee14.54 (EU)
Maidenhair Fern Essencee14.54 (EU)
Mango Essencee14.54 (EU)
Maple Essencee14.54 (EU)
Marigold Essencee14.54 (EU)
Mock Orange Essencee14.54 (EU)
Morning Glory Essencee14.54 (EU)
Mountain Cabbage Tree Essencee14.54 (EU)
Mountain Dahlia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Mountain Rose Essencee14.54 (EU)
Nasturtium Essencee14.54 (EU)
Nicotiana Essencee14.54 (EU)
Oak Essencee14.54 (EU)
Orange Essencee14.54 (EU)
Orange Pincushion Essencee14.54 (EU)
Orange Watsonia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Oreganum Essencee14.54 (EU)
Oxalis Essencee14.54 (EU)
Painted Lady Essencee14.54 (EU)
Pansy Essencee14.54 (EU)
Parsley Essencee14.54 (EU)
Peach Essencee14.54 (EU)
Pelargonium Essencee14.54 (EU)
Periwinkle Essencee14.54 (EU)
Petunia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Pine Essencee14.54 (EU)
Pink Bell Heather Essencee14.54 (EU)
Pink Watsonia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Plum Essencee14.54 (EU)
Plumbago Essencee14.54 (EU)
Pomegranate Essencee14.54 (EU)
Pompom Tree Essencee14.54 (EU)
Red Camellia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Red Erica Essencee14.54 (EU)
Red Hot Poker Essencee14.54 (EU)
Rhododendron Essencee14.54 (EU)
Roella Essencee14.54 (EU)
Rosemary Essencee14.54 (EU)
Sausage Tree Essencee14.54 (EU)
Scilla Essencee14.54 (EU)
Senecio Essencee14.54 (EU)
Shasta Daisy Essencee14.54 (EU)
Silverleaf Essencee14.54 (EU)
Snapdragon Essencee14.54 (EU)
Sonderina Essencee14.54 (EU)
Sour Fig Essencee14.54 (EU)
Spur Flower Essencee14.54 (EU)
Squash Essencee14.54 (EU)
Strelitzia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Sugar Bush Protea Essencee14.54 (EU)
Sunbonnet Essencee14.54 (EU)
Sunflower Essencee14.54 (EU)
Suring Essencee14.54 (EU)
Sweetpea Essencee14.54 (EU)
Thyme Essencee14.54 (EU)
Tiger Lily Essencee14.54 (EU)
Tomato Essencee14.54 (EU)
Touch-Me-Not Essencee14.54 (EU)
Tulip Magnolia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Umsipane Essencee14.54 (EU)
Vygie Essencee14.54 (EU)
Warratah Essencee14.54 (EU)
Water Lily Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wattle Essencee14.54 (EU)
White Geranium Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Coffee Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Dagga Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Gardenia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Garlic Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Ginger Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Iris Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Jasmine Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Pear Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wild Sage Essencee14.54 (EU)
Wisteria Essencee14.54 (EU)
Yarrow Essencee14.54 (EU)
Yellow Pincushion Essencee14.54 (EU)
Yellowwood Essencee14.54 (EU)
Yucca Essencee14.54 (EU)
Zimbabwe Creeper Essencee14.54 (EU)
Zinnia Essencee14.54 (EU)
Celebration (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Opening to the New World (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Honouring Humanity (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Prosperity (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Freedom (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Expectation/Hope (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Trust (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Forgiveness (Oruqus Range)e14.54 (EU)
Joy (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Compassion (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Clarity (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Receiving (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Protection (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Luminous Power (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Inspiration (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Conscious Choice (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Transcendence (Alchemical Range)e14.54 (EU)
Click either of these buttons to add all the quantities you have entered for each item to your basket. The "Add Items" button will bring you back to this page. The "Checkout" button will take you to where you can safely enter you delivery address and payment details.

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