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Bluebell Essence (Endymion hispanicus)

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Bluebell Essence


Auric protection; excessive sensitivity to sensory stimulation; stress.



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For over-sensitivity to outside influences, for those who are sensitive or spiritually aware and who are knocked off balance by discordant sound or become disorientated and ungrounded in cities, shopping malls and crowds. It is also for those whose auras are too sensitive to withstand bombardment in situations where they are exposed to excessive sensory stimulation or bad vibes. This essence is particularly related to the harmonious use of sound. It strengthens and protects the aura and enables one to develop the ability to create tones which lift, transform and harmonise with the music of the spheres. It also allows one to remain centred, grounded and free of anxiety, regardless of what is happening around one. It is valuable for children who are exposed to stress and is an aid to meditation.

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